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Anchor Lawn Care: Friends of the Friends

Meet our newest Friends of the Friends recommended vendor, Anchor Lawn Care.

We asked owner Joseph Mursuli to tell us about his business.

We offer monthly property maintenance from residential to commercial service. That includes lawn mowing all the way to spraying weeds and trimming shrubs.

We also offer:

  • Landscape design and installation

  • Irrigation repair and installation

  • Property cleanups and storm cleanups

  • Sod installation

  • Mulch installation

  • Water drainage/French drains

  • Stump grinding/removal

Anchor Lawn Care can help from the soil up. We offer irrigation installs to prime the area for new sod or custom designed landscapes. To keep the grass looking fresh, weekly maintenance is recommended. We offer a wide variety of service plans to fit your lawns needs. If you need help revitalizing existing landscape, we offer everything from cleanups to adding just a finishing touch. Whatever your lawn care needs, maybe let us be your Anchor.

How long have you been serving the Tampa Bay Area in this type of work?

We have been serving our community for over 15 Years.

What should people expect from your sales process when they call you?

After initial contact, we setup a date and time to meet. We walk through and evaluate their site to make suggestions on how we can improve it and stay in the clients budget. In 24-48 business hours we email over a full itemized quote. The client can approve and sign the quote or request any changes. After quote is approved we schedule the job. We also have the ability to create photo imaging renders if the client is unsure with what they would like.

How about some advice for some area lawn owners?

What time you are watering is crucial to the health, growth and overall vibrancy of the grass. Most people water around 6am. Anchor Lawn Care recommends watering at 1:30am. You save gallons of water due to less evaporation and your grass soil stays moist throughout the morning into the day.

Visit Anchor Lawn Care in our Friends of the Friends directory, and find other service providers for your next job!


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