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Gulfstar Electric: Friends of the Friends

Meet our newest Friends of the Friends recommended vendor, Gulfstar Electric.

We asked Owner/Operator Davan Milford to tell us about his business.

Tell us about your services.

Gulfstar Electric is a full-service electrical company, and we specialize in the installation of commercial and at-home electric vehicle charging systems.

What does your firm specialize in?

The era of the electric vehicle (EV) is upon us. Almost all major car brands now offer at least one model of EV, and others like Tesla specialize in only electric cars. Seeing this trend really start to take off several years ago, I became interested in these different systems and became a specialty installer. I went through the training and certification process with all the major EV car brands as well as charging systems (including Tesla, Chargepoint, Clipper Creek, Bosch, Juicebox, and others) and started really focusing on the best, safest and most efficient ways to meet the growing demand for this type of installation.

How long have you been serving the Tampa Bay Area in this type of work?

I have a little over 20 years of experience as an electrician, but our focus on EV charging installations really began in 2012. Gulfstar Electric was founded in 2013 and since then we’ve had the privilege of installing thousands of eco-friendly car charging systems for customers in the Tampa Bay area.

What should people expect from your sales process when they call you?

Our office is super friendly, knowledgeable and much of it comes from first-hand experience. We are EV owners ourselves and this helps us advise customers on the best way to make the lifestyle shift from a gas-powered car to an electric one. This is an important part of who we are — you might say our focus is truly on quality over quantity, and on providing a stellar customer service experience.

The first thing the EV Installations Planning Team will do is gather some basic information from you. If you’re lost and don’t know where to start, they’ll help guide you and educate you on what your options are for the car you purchased, the electrical system you have at your home or office, and beyond.

Give us one tip in your professional experience to share with readers… some free advice to hook people and show you are knowledgeable.

When you purchase an electric vehicle, it’s usually a bit of a lifestyle change. Your charging station will become your new “gas station.” It’s important to put some thought into where you want to plug in, how the cord will reach or be stored, and to make sure the job is done right because this system will become an important part of your daily routine from here on out.

Visit Gulfstar Electric in our Friends of the Friends directory, and find other service providers for your next job!

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