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Accurate Home Values

Our new series of social ads plays on a common theme - misinformation about home values.

Potential sellers have access to a lot of information about the current value of their home, but not all of it is accurate or reliable. Computer algorithms on national real estate websites might be a good for a general idea of what a neighborhood is selling for, but without a full CMA - comparative market analysis - these sites could have your specific home miscalculated by thousands of dollars.

Similarly, sellers get a lot of free advice - espeically from family - about the value of their home. Many of these helpful estimates are based on second and third hand stories from neighbors and not the final numbers at closing. Again, ask us to run the real numbers!

Interested in the current value of your home? We'd be happy to provide you not just a number, but walk you through how we arrived at that price and discuss the best pricing strategy to sell your home.

Don't leave your home's value to uncles and algorhithms - call Mimi and Friends today!


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